Hacker Claims He helped FBI Track Down ISIS Hacker (Who was killed in Drone-Strike)

Remember Junaid Hussain?
Junaid Hussain – a hacker turned ISIS cyber mastermind who was killed in a US drone strike in August this year.
But something has emerged what we don’t know about the death of Hussain.
The infamous hacker who in the past hacked the Anonymous pseudo-official Twitter accounts, now claims he served as an FBI informant to help the US government track down Junaid Hussain.
The hacker, goes by the online alias Shm00p (@5hm00p), is a member of the hacking collective Rustle League and believes he is “99.9% sure” that the information given by him to the FBI agents led to the extrajudicial killing of Hussain.
“What the fuck have I done,” Shm00p tweeted early Sunday morning.
Over 15 hours later after his first tweet, Shm00p made a series of tweets at the FBI Twitter account.

“I lost a lot of good friendship and my fucking honor,” Shm00p tweeted at the FBI. You can see an archived copy of his now deleted tweets here. “I am so embarrassed to show my face in public now because of this,” he continued.

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Shm00p, who lives in Las Vegas, knew the British–born Hussain from their mutual affiliation with a notorious hacktivist group called Team Poison.
In 2014, Hussain reached out to Shm00p via the encrypted chat service Jabber. Shm00p was able to determine Hussain’s location and then passed on the information to the FBI.
Shm00p said that he was very much sure this information led to the death of Junaid “TriCk” Hussain, who left the United Kingdom and joined ISIS in 2013.

“I fucking helped you MURDER him [Junaid]. Do you know how I feel now when I sleep at night?”Shm00p tweeted. “Regardless that he was a terrorist and an animal I sure as fuck felt betrayed.”

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Based on his tweets, Shm00p was forced to help the FBI agents who threatened the livelihood of his family.
The FBI officials had him attempt to catch two of his friends while they were partying at the hacker conference DefCon in 2015, with the aim to get information on Hussain’s whereabouts.